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Online voting system: control panel

Welcome to the control panel side of the CUSU voting portal.

* Checklist for creating a new ballot

  1. Ballots should be created by the Returning Officer (or delegate).
  2. Colleges: Only JCRs and MCRs from colleges affiliated with Cambridge University Students' Union may use the online voting system to create a ballot. For more information please contact us.
  3. You (the RO) must be registered as a manager of your group in the College/faculty/University database or Student Life Directory (including Societies Directory).
  4. You must finalise the set up of the ballot at least 2 hours before it is due to open. (This is required by the security architecture.)
  5. At 2 hours before a ballot opens, it cannot then be deleted or edited in any way.
  6. Your constitution must require votes to be counted using ERS97 STV. This system cannot run first-past-the-post ballots.
  7. You must have a spreadsheet of all your voters, containing their University usernames.
  8. All voters must have a Raven account.
  9. Do not use this system for elections where the only ballot is for an LGBT officer, i.e. where making the list of those who have voted would not be acceptable. (Please contact to discuss this.)

Read How to set up and run ballots to understand how it works.

Ballots currently running - submit your vote

Voting takes place using a separate website, run on a high-security server.

Create/administer ballots

Here you can create a new ballot if you run a University-based group, or administer forthcoming ballots.

Access to this system is only available via Raven, and all access is logged for security.


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